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A Complete Guide: Basement Renovations [Infographics]

Are you dreaming of extra space for your homes? Maybe you want an entertainment room, an extra bedroom or a gym? Or perhaps you just need additional space for more storage? Either way, there is an answer to your need for extra space– basements.

Basements are mainly an extra space above the ground floor of a house or a building. Back in the olden days, the basement’s original purpose is to serve as just an extra storage space, primarily for water, wine, and food. But as time passed on, the purpose of basements have drastically evolved.

Now, if you have an unfinished basement, you may be thinking about how much work you have to pour into it. But fret not, as this article will walk you through the things you need to focus on in renovating your basement.


Built-in lighting is one of the first things you must consider for a basement renovation. You may add floor or table lamps for decoration and more aesthetic if you want. Still, recessed lighting is the most ideal for basements, especially for lower ceilings, as it can provide enough light to highlight artwork or the illusion of a much bigger space.

This kind of lighting could be a great help in adding light. However, you must remember that improper usage of this light fixture can cause you problems more than solutions. If misused, recessed lights will tend to waste electricity.

Apart from installing light fixtures, you may also incorporate natural light to pass through your basement by adding windows. For basements, the most suitable is the egress type of window. Not only will it help in letting natural light in, but also, it can serve as an emergency exit as well.


The main goal of insulation is to help control the temperature of the room and to keep it warm. Hence it can provide tremendous aid in reducing your energy consumption. It is known that good insulation allows a 40% decrease in the cost of heating and cooling of your home. Another good thing about insulations is that you don’t have to worry about where you should place them. They can be added insulation on your interior or exterior walls, or maybe both interior and exterior if you want to.

Spray foam is one of the most recommended insulation for basements, as this is the most effective. However, spray foams can be quite expensive than the others. But if you are planning to spend more of your time in your basement, spending a bit more money will surely be worth it.


If you do not want to experience the hassle of water damage, do not dare skip this step. Water damage will somehow become inevitable as time passes by; this is the reason why you must ensure that the plumbing of your basement can help you lower down the potential of water damage.

This step is extra essential, especially if you plan to turn your basement into a bedroom with a bathroom, a working kitchen, or a laundry room. Plumbing works for basements can be more complex than usual and probably cost you extra time and money, but this part is a must and not optional.


A hardwood flooring seems promising, isn’t it? It is, but not for this space. Basements are located on the lowermost area of your homes, which means that this is the first place that will be flooded in a possibility of flooding. Carpets can also be an option, but a subfloor for warmth or an engineered flooring are two options that are more highly recommended. This type of flooring would not only bring warmth but also, they can survive more in damp or humid conditions.

The last and most important thing you must remember in renovating your basement is do not be afraid to get creative. Whether you will use it as an extra bedroom, laundry area, entertainment room, or whatever you like, just be creative. Throw your inhibitions and start renovating it the way you want to.

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A Complete Guide: Basement Renovations [Infographics]

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