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How to Prevent Renovation Mistakes

Any renovation project should be perfect; after all, a lot of effort, money, and time goes into it. For this kind of investment, there shouldn’t be room for any disappointment, but rather it should be all about improvements and uplifting the functionality and aesthetic of your space.

From instant updates to more elaborate makeovers, we have put together some ideas to help you prevent renovation mistakes you’ll regret soon after committing them.

Insufficient Prep Work

Before you start a project, you must spend some time in prep work. This involves researching a lot about a particular improvement you want to make. Setting a home renovation budget is one aspect you must not forget and as much as possible, allocate an additional 10-20% on it for unexpected expenses. 

Determine which parts of your space you will prioritize. Some people remodel one at a time to prepare more and maximize their money. In contrast, some homeowners wish to remodel all at once. Whatever your decision regarding this, ensure you have the means to do so. It will be more cost-effective if you know what you want first, and it will help renovators plot a practical plan for you. Finalize everything first before starting, as any changes can cost you more in the future.

Downplaying the Costs

Instead of thinking about the money, you will have to spend, start listing down your goals. This will help you manage your finances and achieve what you want. For instance, if you are planning a kitchen renovation, you can begin by looking for kitchen trends that will suit your preference, listing down the elements you want to incorporate, and choosing a theme is always recommended. This includes deciding if you will remodel or reface your kitchen cabinets. After all these, contact Toronto home renovation contractors and consult if your plans are ideal. From this, you can ask for direct quotations and seek other recommendations.

Always prepare for such projects as remodeling costs can increase anytime. In addition, it can also be challenging to stay at your home during renovation, so also think about the budget for renting elsewhere during this time.

Attempting to DIY Everything

There’s nothing wrong with DIY, but as a homeowner who has plans to renovate, attempting to DIY everything can be one of the worst renovation mistakes you can make. Some projects are best suited for DIY, such as painting walls, hanging decorative pieces, moving appliances and furniture, changing light bulbs, or incorporating smart storage. From this, you can save money, but some tasks are better left to contractors and professionals. 


Mistakes can happen, but you can prevent them by keeping track of everything you do. Another notable tip you can hear from people who renovated their home before is picking the wrong materials and selecting the cheapest one; whether it is your first time or not, this kind of mistake should not happen. Seek advice from professionals. Those with years of experience will guide you from beginning to end in attaining the best renovation you can have. 

If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help you; visit their website at They have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario for more than two decades.


Is There a Way to Cut Costs of Your House Renovation?

Breaking the bank is one of the many fears of homeowners when they finally decide to do a home renovation. Since renovation costs can add up quickly, property owners need to look for how they can cut costs, even in simple ways. With careful planning and know-how, you’ll see that house renovation has clever ways to gain the look you desire for your property without overspending on unnecessary things.

Remaining realistic as much as possible will ensure you that your budget for house renovations will run smoothly from start to finish. If you’re one of the thousands of house owners who want to know how to cut home renovation costs, this article is for you.

Plan the Project You Want to Do

Renovating includes many things; this also means planning them is necessary. First, assess what project you want to consider. Is it a bathroom remodel, a kitchen extension, or creating a new bedroom? Whatever plans you have, it is vital to decide how your budget will be split. It is important to note that a bathroom renovation cost differs from a kitchen extension. Knowing this in advance will determine if what project you will start first, depending on your budget.

Once you have a plan for your desired project, it will be easier to track the next steps you need to take. If you are aiming for a specific enhancement, you can easily ask experts you are hiring about them and proceed with them without delay or look for alternatives if necessary.

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of your Project

Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the project you are going to start will make a big difference, especially if you are thinking of future resale value. You can ask the agents in your area about what a buyer love to look for in a property. If possible, achieve them or look for other options to add value to your home.

When remodeling a house, you’ll face some constraints or hindrances. While accepting all the challenges along the way is fun, it would be a good idea to discuss these in advance so you will not be surprised about how things will turn out during renovations.

Track Your Expenses and Spending

Most of the time, you can’t cut costs on any house renovations because a home remodels can become the most expensive home project you’ll ever encounter. However, for the sake of people who are still hesitating about whether to start a particular home project or not, one way to stay on a budget is to track your spending and expenses. In this way, you’ll see where your money goes, and this will serve as a guide on whether you can splurge on some enhancements or not.

Whether you have a budget for house renovation, try to figure out how much you have to spend. If you are paying cash, this will be easy as you know how much money you still have. If you are going to borrow or make some loan, you will need to assess how much a bank will lend you.


To save some money on renovation, you must pay attention to details. Think before you start a project and oversee the renovation project yourself. You can also obtain quotations from reputable renovators to see if your budget will fit or not. In this way, you’ll know if you can finish your desired project within months or longer than that. It is crucial to identify every detail so that you will not get shocked with costs and additional fees once the renovation starts.

If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help you; visit their website at They have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario.

Ways to Make Your Space at Home More Welcoming for Guests

Homeowners always mind when at home is their ability to invite guests over. If you are gearing up for a company maybe it’s time to assess everything.

You can start by defining what a welcoming ambiance should feel like for you and your guests. This can be quite challenging since everyone has different opinions and standards. Some homeowners hire home renovators to achieve a space they can use for gatherings. A home you can be proud of is something you’ll want to show off as well. This includes being functional, cozy, comfy, and spacious enough to accept visitors.


Set up Early 

The best way to make your visitors feel at home is by setting up everything as early as possible. If you plan to arrange something in the living area, do it while they are not in your home. This way, you can claim that you are more than ready for their presence.

It will make a big difference to plan and calculate everything to prevent them from seeing how busy you are. If you need to go to the grocery, prepare for it as early as possible.

Declutter and Clean

In connection with preparing early, you also must clean and declutter. A tidy home can express how willing you are to accommodate other people. The bathroom is one of the essential parts of your home that needs attention aside from the living room. It should be clean and functional. You must ensure your guests can use the toilet or the bathroom sink properly. To do this, you can scrub the wall and floors thoroughly and put different soap and other vital toiletries for your visitors.

If you are a little skeptical that your bathroom in Toronto will embarrass you, you can look for renovators to help you fix everything you need to make your home more ready for others. Bathroom remodeling in Toronto is gaining popularity now as they help homeowners achieve the space they aspire to. They are experts when it comes to this kind of concern.

Plan Everything

The kitchen space is also vital. This is where most guests stay over at most times since this is where they eat. In some cases, the kitchen also becomes a place to chill and have some conversations.

Start counting how many people you will invite and how many meals you are going to prepare. In this way, you can prepare as much as needed. If you are planning for a big get-together, make sure that what you will prepare is enough or more.

Create a Lovely Atmosphere

Don’t be pressured by the things you are about to do. Remember that you can’t please everybody, but the least you can do is create a lovely atmosphere for them. It is suggested not to overdecorate your house to prevent a suffocated ambiance. Try to be natural and simple. This is what a perfect host would do to make their spaces at home more welcoming to guests.

If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help you; just visit their website at They have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario for more than twenty years and provide a ten-year warranty on all craftsmanship. Call TROC today at (905) 554-7000.


Is it Ideal to DIY Your Bathroom Renovation?

Remodeling a bathroom is not easy, but it is one of the most popular home improvements among homeowners. While DIY bathroom renovation might sound enticing because it is a cost-effective option to improve the look of your outdated space drastically, sometimes it is worth investing in skilled contractors who are experts in the field. Some bathroom remodels are time-consuming when done by professionals. Imagine how much more time it would take if done through DIY by someone who does not know how to renovate?

It is indeed true that you can pull off a DIY bathroom remodel, but there are limitations to it. If you live anywhere in GTA, we will help you determine if it is ideal to DIY your bathroom renovation and discuss why you must leave specific tasks to Markham bathroom renovations specialists.

Choice of Materials

To save money, the poor choice of selecting materials is one of the most common DIY mistakes that you should be aware of. Buying cheaper materials to save some money can lead you to see visible wear and tear in a short time. While a professional remodeler can quickly know the quality of what they need for a project, it will be harder for novice DIYers to do this. If you still want to go for a DIY, you as a homeowner will need to risk the following:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Sustainability

The choice of material is significant, it can make or break what you are doing. Therefore, it should be cautiously done, as it directly affects the result of a project.


DIYers have no fallback options like the warranty. If you do all the work yourself and damage occurs, some homeowners’ insurance companies will likely decline to cover any error. After a renovation, unexpected issues or breakdowns can happen. This is why warranties are essential to help protect homeowners by covering anything that was damaged due to an incorrect installation. On a positive note, through expert Markham renovations, you can ensure that you are working with professional contractors that are licensed, insured, and bonded. You can guarantee that they work competently and offer a warranty as well.

If you have limited knowledge of bathroom remodeling, you should opt for hiring an expert and licensed renovator to do the job.


It is not a secret that DIYers are talented. They are brave risk-takers and can do their job effortlessly. However, if you choose to DIY your bathroom renovation, the characteristics mentioned are insufficient. It should be accompanied by the necessary skills and experience to achieve your dream space.

It can be easy to aim for simple bathroom updates. But for big projects like changing the layout and general look of your space, you may have trouble with design limitations unless you have a contractor’s license, to begin with. Any electrical, plumbing, toilet and tub installation needs to get done by a professional.

bathroom renovation


A DIY project can be tolerable if you just want to repaint a certain area in your bathroom or install a mirror or a new light fixture. But if you want a total renovation, then it is ideal to meet with experts with years of industry experience and ask for their help.

Remodeling can be tricky. Any project can also have setbacks, so you must always be prepared. A DIY project is unrealistic since mistakes can happen at any time, and it is a matter of time before you can find the chance and budget to redo them.

If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help you; just visit their website at They have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario for more than twenty years and provide a ten-year warranty on all craftsmanship. Call TROC today at (905) 554-7000.

Home Improvement Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

Home improvement is an ongoing process. You will never know when to stop until someone points out how beautiful your space has become. However, even if your house is already everything you’ve ever dreamed of, it still needs maintenance, which can expand into home improvement projects again. Such upgrades are typical, and whether you’re a first-time homeowner or not, you are bound to get some upgrades in the future.

Home Improvement

If you are planning the next project for your house, below is the selection of the home improvement ideas that can inspire your remodeling plan.

Add More Windows to Connect with Nature

If you are a person who loves nature, an additional window is an incredible upgrade that you can include in your next project. The trend of changing windows, and sometimes an entire wall to suit a whole glass option, is on the rise. This is perfect for connecting the outdoors with the indoors. With higher budgets for home improvement, you can easily include this alternative. Connecting with nature is vital in improving our physical and mental health. It can reduce stress and can boost your energy levels. With the coronavirus pandemic, immersing yourself with nature in the comfort of your home is a privilege and advantage.

Replacing Old Floorings

One of the most planned renovation projects last year was replacing old floorings. If you still haven’t done them, you can include them in your next home improvement plan. Regarding home enhancements and developments, it is essential to consider how you can add value to your home.

Flooring is an integral part of a room since it impacts the aesthetic of a space and its cleanliness. When deciding to replace your old floorings, it is vital to take your time deciding which one is best suited for your space. This is to achieve the best result you can get.

Design a Master Suite 

Your home does not need to be dull. You can add life to it by designing them into something modern, extravagant, and at the same time with a touch of elegance. If you plan to sell your house in the future, a bedroom remodel can add value to your home. Creating a master suite will be picture-perfect. If you are used to having a plain bedroom, this is an excellent opportunity to ask your home renovators for some advice and help.

Refresh the Look of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen space is another area that needs maintenance. If you are still hesitant with the kitchen remodeling project, you can consider giving your kitchen cabinet a fresh new look. Try refacing your kitchen cubbies and you will be surprised with how it will help improve the look of the whole kitchen space. A cabinet upgrade can enhance storage space, giving your home a more organized look and vibes.


The popularity of home improvements continues to dominate the home renovation market. Interior property enhancement and repairs are becoming a trend. If you are worried about the cost of each update, you can ask for Richmond Hill renovations quotes. Considering the latter will give you an overview of how much it will cost to turn your dream into reality.

Hence, this can allow you to plan more. Meanwhile, you can list down what you want and need, prioritize the part that requires the most attention, and proceed with a home improvement plan that fits your financial plan. In this way, you will avoid busting your budget.

If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help you; just visit their website at They have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario.

Tips to Consider When Converting Your Home into an Office

converting home to office

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how the world works. Before, everyone talked about travel, meetings, and interacting with co-workers physically. However, with the surge of Covid-19 cases each day, many business owners opt to implement a permanent work-from-home set-up for their employees. 

But working from home presents interesting challenges that everyone needs to surpass in order to adapt to this kind of hybrid working model. You will need a dedicated workspace in your house where you can do your job comfortably. If you are hesitating on how to do this, below are some tips you can consider when converting your home into an office.

Pick a Perfect Room 

If you have multiple rooms in your house, you need to ensure that you will pick the perfect room. This is to avoid the regret you may feel once you are all set on the chosen space. Select the one that you are comfortable with. Preferably a room with a door that you can lock every time you have an important meeting so you may ensure that you can at least take a whole phone conversation without any interruption.

Select a Comfortable Seat and Desk 

Turning your home into an office will be an easy task if you know what you need and what you want in the first place. However, since almost everyone is adjusting to this kind of set-up, it is also easy to be lost. Selecting a comfortable seat and desk can be a little challenging. That’s why you must search and look for the one that will last long and at the same time will be comfy for you. You can look at the marketplace and find something that has helpful reviews on it. Make sure that your desk is also big enough to accommodate your personal computer or laptop and other things necessary for your work.

Choose Essential Office Equipment

Aside from your computer, chair, and desk, you will also need other office equipment such as a copier or printer, telephone, and a Wi-Fi connection. The cost of designing your space at home will depend on your needs. 

Nonetheless, a comfortable home office must reflect your personality. You can add a touch of luxury, a wall with simple colors yet screaming for elegance, and some decorations that inspire you to do your job efficiently. 

While all these are important, do not forget to incorporate the proper lighting. This can help you create an office ambiance where you can feel that you are no longer working at home. This is vital since this can increase your productivity.

Consider Hiring a Home Renovator

Not forgetting the initial role of your home is the most crucial thing when converting your house into an office. The goal is not to be confused and to create a functional space where you can still do your house chores and at the same time work confidently and with peace of mind. Your home office will be an important area; that’s why it requires planning and some investment in terms of time, effort, and money. As a Toronto resident, you may consider Home Renovations Toronto to update your space into an office. 

Home renovators are equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure that your home office project will be a blast. If you have a small area and turn out to not have an existing spare room, they can surprise you by offering alternative and excellent solutions. 

Tips to Consider When Converting Your Home into an Office


While there are many tips and tricks for pulling off a great workspace in your house, you do well to seek some help from the experts. If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help you; just visit their website at They have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario.


Small Living Room Ideas that Will Help Maximize Your Space [Infographic]

The notion of having a small living room ideas also implies lesser space for things we own. Most often, we are on edge over this. We often get intimidated by this, thinking that we only have limited space. But for home renovators, this is where the magic begins. They can get creative to make your house look spacious at the same time, and they can think of hundreds of styles to maximize your space.

Small Living Room Ideas [Infographics]

Your living room is where the social part always takes place. A space that should be designed according to the lifestyle you have in your household, whether it is for entertainment, watching television, or spending time with family.

The following ideas can help homeowners create the ultimate living room they deserve, whether you are opting for Vaughan renovations or a makeover for your space anywhere in the GTA.

Built-in Items

This is an essential feature you can include in your living room. Built-ins are vital for making the most out of your small space. Open shelves in built-in cabinets also give you an extra spot for decorating ideas. Be it collectible items or space for your books. Having this as your storage can make your room uncluttered, resulting in a more relaxed ambiance. 

You can also opt for built-in seating, an alternative to a big sofa. It is another option to transform those dead spaces into something useful. It can include hidden storage at the bottom part where you can use them to hide some memorabilia.

Look for Alternative

When it comes to becoming a space saver, you should be more careful in choosing what you will include in your space. Believe it or not, looking for an alternative for the things you want in the first place can also be fun. 

For instance, instead of a bulky sofa set, you can consider a divan which is a long sofa without back and arm support. Adding small tools around your living room is also a good idea. You can opt for a multi-purpose chair that can be double up as a sleeper if you prefer a more flexible and convenient couch. Looking for ways or alternatives is a practical solution you can make any time you want. 

Consider a Glass Wall

Thanks to transparency, you can utilize a visual effect that allows a connection between space that runs outside. A transparent living room resonates with a beautiful appearance. This is ideal for homeowners who want to create a natural and bold living area with a touch dynamic touch to it.

Utilize the Power of Luxury

When styling, don’t hesitate to add some touches of luxury. The glamour in your modern living room will inspire you only to get what you need, making it easier for you to manage your space. The touch of luxury can also help create a dramatic look in a plain and boring living room.

Stick to a Theme

Choosing the ideal theme for your living room is easy. However, sticking to it might be a little bit challenging. This is the reason why you should plan your next move accordingly. Do not buy items that can ruin the mood-setting of your area; otherwise, you may not like the result. 

If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help. We have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario for decades.


Top 5 Kitchen Essentials You Must Have in Your Home

As a homeowner, it is perfectly normal to want to buy every home product to update your property’s look. However, if the budget does not permit you to do so, you can opt for buying the essentials first. You can find most of these essentials at the heart of your home, which is the kitchen.

Updating your kitchen does not necessarily mean you will need to hire home renovators. With the right amount of research, you can also pull off a functional space. However, if you want to seek professional help, you can consider Barrie kitchen renovation for a more thorough plan for your kitchen area.

Top 5 Kitchen Essentials You Must Have in Your Home(infographic)

To help you after the makeovers, here are the top five kitchen essentials you must have to complete the functionality of your kitchen.

Basic Utensils

As the most active part of the house, your kitchen needs basic supplies to function. Start by purchasing basic utensils. You can either get the most affordable set to complete your need in one go or choose only what you need at the moment and add more as you go. 

If you have upfront stocks in your kitchen and you have basic utensils that you can use, you are less likely to eat out, resulting in saving more money in the long run.

Glassware and Dinnerware

The most common essential you should also get is glassware and dinnerware. No matter how much cooking you do, the first set of bowls, plates, glasses, and mugs are vital. There are various sets in the marketplace that you can choose that fit your budget. 

If you are a little meticulous, you can match your glassware and dinnerware to the theme of your home. Some experts recommend buying white dinnerware and crystal-clear glassware to work for casual and formal gatherings. You can then dress it down or up with accessories depending on the occasion you will have, such as placemats, table napkins, and linens.

Small Appliances that You Need

Having the luxury to own a place can make you get excited, resulting in purchasing many things you don’t need. However, this should not be the case if you don’t have enough storage. 

It is suggested to only get small appliances for your kitchen. Among the many choices you have, you can get a coffee maker, a toaster, and a microwave. These small appliances are the top common essentials you will likely need when you start on your own. If you don’t need them, you can skip them. The goal here is only to get what you need since you can easily pick what you want in the future once you are settled with your storage and space.

Knife Sets

Another kitchen essential you may need is a good set of knives. The set includes:

  • A chef’s knife.
  • Bread knife.
  • A paring knife.
  • A utility knife.
  • A wooden block to store them in.

A set of knives that are high-quality will be worth your investment since it will ensure you that it will last for a long time.

Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are also considered one of the suitable investments you can make for your home. It is deemed essential since it will not only hold all your kitchenware but can also be your partner in hiding some clutter. If you have small appliances that are becoming an eyesore to your kitchen island or countertop, your kitchen cabinets are the perfect storage.

If you are looking for renovators, The Renovators of Canada can help you; just visit their website at They have been providing quality renovations throughout Southern Ontario.


Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

As we continue to spend more time at home, many homeowners have been looking for renovation ideas and inspiration for their home improvement projects. Some are searching for bathroom renovation ideas and inspiration that they can refer to when designing their bathroom spaces. The rising trend for bathroom design is scaled-down and minimalist in style, highlighting warm and earth tones.

Ideas for Bathroom Renovation[Infographic]

Here are some ideas homeowners can consider for their bathroom remodeling, whether they are opting for a complete overhaul makeover or updating a few aspects

Curbless showers

A curbless or barrier-free entrance to a shower may be around for quite a while now. However, this bathroom design is becoming more popular than ever. This setup enables you to run tile through the entire bathroom. It creates a seamless look that also makes a space look larger.

In addition, you can also opt to use the shower enclosure as a natural demarcation line to switch up the flooring material.

Zellige Tile for Bathrooms

Besides being increasingly popular for kitchen backsplashes, zellige tile also shows up in bathrooms. Zellige tiles in varying shades help create a pleasing wall and a unique look for your bathroom.

Creative Storage Solutions

Another idea for bathroom renovation Toronto is getting creative with storage space. The desire for better-functioning spaces led many people to think twice about existing layouts in their homes, as access to storage becomes a key motivator to this change.

Get rid of messy vanity and bathroom countertops full of clutter with some creatively hidden drawers and storage that also help you save bathroom space for your home. You can also opt to include linen closets within the primary bath as a multi-purpose storage solution for your bathroom.

Pullout Bathroom Storage

With pullout storage units, you can boost the organizing potential of open cabinet space. Opt for a multi-drawer solution that allows you to divide items by size or purpose. Mesh bins provide a peek inside the contents so you can easily see your bathroom supplies and know when you’re running low.

Dark Statement Walls

A dark feature helps in adding a mysterious and intimate effect to your bathroom. You can opt to paint or tile one wall with black or any deep shade of your favorite color.

Updated sinks and touchless faucets

Recently, faucets have been a popular bathroom upgrade as there has been an increased focus on the significance of washing hands over the past year.

Updating bathroom sinks and touchless faucets are some recent upgrades homeowners have considered to make their spaces more inviting and stylish while increasing function.

Improved Vanity

Many homeowners are also updating light fixtures for a brighter bathroom. In terms of bathroom lighting, another popular choice for bathrooms is a self-lit vanity mirror for brightening bathrooms and a clear trend leaning toward the switch to sustainable LED lighting.

Integrated Technology

The rising popularity of smart toilets and touchless faucets are some examples of integrated technology in bathrooms. Technology continues to be integrated into bathroom designs to ensure comfort and efficiency. Besides this, technology is also integrated through digital, wall-mounted interfaces and tech-savvy controls for showers in bathroom design.

The Renovators of Canada has been providing quality renovations throughout the Southern Ontario area for over 15 years. Visit our website at for renovation and home remodeling needs.


Home Design Ideas for Small Homes

The ongoing pandemic and its many impacts on our everyday lives continue to influence home design. It had many people rethink their home quarters and use them daily. As our homes are a constantly evolving mix of all the things we love and treasure, here are some of the new emerging home design ideas that can help in updating the look of your home.

Home Design Ideas for Small Homes(infographic)

Soft, Delicate Lilac

This light shade of purple is one of the trending colors for the interior world. While it may seem reminiscent of the nineties, lilac has had its share of a grown-up makeover as a home design trend. It works beautifully with metallic finishes, smart mirrored furniture, and velvet to create a glamorous and chic style.

Dedicated Activity Space At Home

During the pandemic, many people have also discovered that their homes can also function for productivity. Their home space has also become a productive space for remote work, online meetings, school works, and other tasks that previously took place away from home.

Work Nooks

An efficient and compact work nook can be another way of using one’s home space to be productive. A compact work nook provides all the essential functions needed to work in front of a laptop, participate in online meetings, and manage the household.

Flexible Designs

Today, many homeowners opt for design options that offer more flexibility in their homes. Features like armoires with pocket doors, queen murphy beds, and nesting side tables are becoming more popular. Such features allow for dual uses of a room or flexible definitions of rooms today.

Double Duty Furniture Pieces

The key to maximizing a limited space is through pieces that serve multiple purposes for tiny home spaces. Opt for a table that functions as a desk and dining table or a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed. You can also opt for cubes to serve as a coffee table or extra seats for guests.

Living Room Refreshes

For years, the living room has always been an important gathering space at home. With all the time we have spent in our home’s living rooms, many people are starting to search for ways to refresh the space. Searches for living rooms are continuing to go up. In particular, accent pillows and home accents saw a massive rise last year. Decorative accents, display shelves, and chair covers are becoming increasingly popular in home design trends.

Luxurious Design Accents

Staying at home for vast periods can surely get dull, which is probably why luxury fabrics, finishes, and colors are becoming increasingly popular among home renovators. As the search for incorporating velvet, gold, and crystals becomes more prominent, such luxurious accents uplift one’s home environment and give it a new look to emulate a space that feels inviting.

Indoor Greenery

Houseplants are becoming more commonplace compared to previous decades. As houseplants continue to dominate decorating schemes, it reflects one’s connection with nature and the outside world that has intensified amid the pandemic. With several studies showing the different benefits of houseplants in relieving stress, enriching air quality, and providing psychological comfort through its lush greenery, it is undeniable that the presence of plants in one’s homes will remain.

The Renovators of Canada has been providing quality renovations throughout the Southern Ontario area for over 15 years. Visit our website at for renovation and home remodeling needs.


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