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Step One

Submit the Request a free consultation form on this page and we will contact you within two business days. Once we have spoken with you we will forward our complete :Licensee package which includes our sales brichure, the applicaiton form, persoanl financial statement, the Renovators of Canada non-disclosure agreement. Once all forms are filled in and received by T-ROC we will schedule a face to face "get to know you meeting".

or CALL US: 905-554-7000 ext 105

Step Two

After our meeting and providing that both parties are excited about the opportunity and are ready to move forward you will receive our License Agreement. You review this Agreement with your legal advisor and once satisfied, submit the signed Agreement with the License fee and we're ready to move towards settin gup your new T-ROC License!

Step Three

It is critical to the success of any business venture to first conduct local research. Collecting information from potential customers, as well as from local agencies such as the Chamber of Commerce. Once we have collected this information we will provide a solid 8 week plan to ensure your business starts off well. Our services include project management training, estimate writing, promotion and advertising, cash flow management, and contract writing.