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Since 2002 The Renovators of Canada has been helping clients maintain and increase the value of their homes.  Becoming an operator of The Renovators of Canada brand provides you with instant credibility on contractor review sites, advertising and business development, coaching, and the opportunity to work with large retailers.  We do not take percentages of your business revenue, a simple flat fee system allows you to grow your revenue without the fear of paying high percentage based fees.

The Renovators of Canada

Given the price of homes in Canada about the only move left for Canadians demanding a better home has been to renovate the one they have, which has led to record levels of spending on home improvement. “Residential renovation spending is one of the largest segments in the construction sector in Canada,” says Altus Group chief economist Peter Norman in the Globe and Mail.  As the renovation industry continues to grow The Renovators of Canada brand name operators are provided with a great opportunity.  


Why become a T-ROC Operator?

The Renovators Of Canada (T-ROC) is a full service renovations company that demonstrates our commitment to our team and customers through action and results. Our belief in being Open, Honest and Transparent carries through with the value and quality we deliver with every project. As a progressive, innovative and forward thinking company, TROC continues to lead the way as they positively impact the renovation market across Canada.