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Home Design for 2022

As the pandemic and its impact on our everyday lives continue to play an outsized role in home renovations, we get to see an even more profound rethinking about the importance of considering the design of our home quarters. The pandemic has changed many things for many of us, especially how we think and use our homes in our daily lives. With that in mind, we explore the various home design trends in 2022 that you could consider as you enlist the help of home renovators and their services.

  1. Dedicated Activity Spaces

The search for art studios has been increasing. Luckily, creating one on your own does not have to be an expensive renovation project. If you already have a spare room, it might just be a matter of buying the right accessories that are dedicated to your preferred activity or hobby.

Home Design for 2022[Infographic]

However, the creation of an art studio dedicated to your chosen activity depends on your goals. You might even require the assistance of a professional renovator for Stouffville Renovations.

  1. Grandmillenial

This trend is a twist on the prominent grandma chic style that has been rising throughout the pandemic. The trend arose at a time when people craved a sense of comfort and nostalgia for their homes amid uncertain times. The key for this kind of trend is adding layers to create a space and area that can welcome relaxation and ease anxiety.

  1. Multizone kitchen

The traditional three-zone work triangle in a kitchen creates an efficient and convenient connection between the refrigerator, sink, and range. However, many homeowners want their kitchens to emphasize other related tasks and allow for other cooks. The rising trend of a multizone kitchen or a work trapezoid includes dedicated baking, prepping and chopping areas and separate stations for snacks, drinks, or homework.

  1. Structured Simplicity

This trend features a stripped-back style to create a calm, comfortable, and chill space for relaxation. Structured simplicity is all about making one’s home a safe and inviting space to rest and regenerate. If your home is your haven, this trend is for you, as a private sanctuary that you do not treat as a showpiece.

With this trend, furniture feels comfortable and inviting, such as soft and comfortable sofas and hearty tables where people can gather around. Structured simplicity offers a low-maintenance look that includes weathered woods, faded tones, time-worn finishes, and warm neutrals like oatmeal and beige colors.

  1. Light Wood Cabinets

Many people seem to yearn and gravitate towards interiors that exude lightness and comfort in a year that felt heavy and difficult. Light wood mixed with other neutrals such as whites and grays can be an excellent way to create an airy palette that exudes a dash of warmth and comfort, especially effective in a kitchen design.

  1. Nature-inspired Designs

Another emerging home design trend is the openness to nature and the role of greenery in a home. This trend includes the search for artificial plants and trees, indoor pots and planters. There has also been a significant uptick in the search for the color green in kitchen cabinets, floor tiles, and even accent chairs.

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Can Add Value to A Home

The kitchen area is the most popular part of the home to renovate. Unsurprisingly, the kitchen is among the most important things that potential home buyers consider when deciding on purchasing a house.

There are many ways to renovate a kitchen space. A simple search for home renovations on the internet can provide several kitchen update ideas. With so many options, it can be challenging to figure out the details about the budget you can spend for kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Can Add Value to A Home(infographic)

When planning for kitchen renovations, it helps to start with a plan and do your research. Updating the look of your kitchen does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. You can also look for ways on how to save money without compromising the process of renovation itself.

Kitchen renovations take a lot of work, but it is immensely rewarding and beneficial, especially when you consider the value that it can add to your home. To help you get started on your kitchen remodeling journey, here are some renovation ideas that you can use to revamp and update the look and functionality of your kitchen.

  1. Paint or refinish your kitchen cabinets

Painting or refinishing your cabinets is one cost-efficient way to transform the look of your kitchen area. When choosing the shade of paint or stain, it is helpful to ensure that it melds naturally with the colour scheme of your home.

You can also opt to replace cabinet hardware and in-depth replacing the cabinet itself. Such changes in your kitchen space can go a long way.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Backsplash.

A new tile backsplash can bring a kitchen colour palette together. It only costs a few hundred dollars in terms of the materials that are needed. While paying for labour will not be as costly, it is even cheaper if you do it yourself.

  1. Add a kitchen island.

Adding a kitchen island can drastically open the space as it offers depth and more efficient use of the kitchen space. Kitchen islands are also incredibly versatile as they can serve every role, from food preparation space to the kitchen table. The price you will spend on adding a kitchen island to your home depends mainly on the size, materials, and accessories that come with it.

  1. Install new energy-efficient appliances

There are several ways that you can do to save on the amount of energy that your home uses. Switching to energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen is an excellent option that can help you give a value edge as it is a long-term investment that can boost the value of your home.

  1. Consider updating your kitchen floor.

Many tend to overlook flooring when renovating a kitchen, but it takes as much of a beating from use over time as any part of the room. Replacing your floor with new flooring that is durable and easier to clean can also be a long-term investment worthy of every penny you spend. Aside from this, new flooring also adds a subtle polish to your kitchen space that cannot be understated.


The Right Order When Kitchen Remodeling

A major kitchen remodeling job can be a tough home improvement project. With the help of kitchen renovations contractor to manage a major job of expanding the kitchen footprint, the cost can be one thing homeowners can think about when planning for the project. Kitchen renovations Toronto can take months to complete, but the results can help increase the equity value of your real estate.

A great new kitchen can serve as the focus of family life and the center of social gatherings. A fully remodeled kitchen is certainly worth the time, money, and effort in the long run. To help you with kitchen remodeling in Toronto, here is an overview of the process of making your kitchen a space that is functional and easy to work and live in.

Assess Needs and Wants

It is crucial to take the time to determine what you want in a kitchen and the estimated cost of expenses when it comes to kitchen renovators Toronto projects. You can start by asking what persistent problems you face with your current kitchen space. With that, you can establish a prioritized list of things you want when remodeling your kitchen, ranked and arranged according to their importance. It is crucial to distinguish between those you absolutely need and those you simply want in your kitchen space.The Right Order When Kitchen Remodeling (infographic)

Kitchen Design and Planning

With a realistic idea of what you need in your new kitchen, you can start to brainstorm and contribute to developing a workable plan for your kitchen space.

  • Basic Kitchen Plans

While there is a wide range of possibilities that you can do, you can start with utilizing one of the five classic kitchen design plans and determine which classic workflow model or kitchen triangle is suitable for your plan.

  • One-wall design
  • Corridor Design
  • L-shape Design
  • Double-L Design
  • U-Shape Design

These are options to consider when it comes to choosing the logical option for your kitchen. From there, you can look at some resources to help develop the blueprints for your kitchen. You can opt to enlist the help of a contractor when planning for the little details like placement of kitchen curtains, deciding the kitchen colour schemes with white accents, for example, and where you can place used kitchen cabinets and other forms of storage.

Building Permits

When you are ready to begin the work, it is time to apply for permits which must be obtained from several agencies. Your city or county can administer and manage the electrical, plumbing, and building permits. If a general kitchen remodeling contractor is handling the renovation process, they would be the one to obtain all the necessary permits.

Kitchen Remodeling Process

A typical kitchen remodel begins with performing necessary framing work for the project after the demolition of the old kitchen. According to the plan, it depends mostly on the kitchen’s configuration, which may involve some major construction tasks.

After the framing work comes other necessary aspects to the kitchen, such as plumbing, wiring, and HVAC Rough-in, and how it can work well with the kitchen design plans. Besides this, the design aspects of the kitchen, such as the kitchen walls, flooring, and storage units, will be installed according to the homeowner’s preferences and specifications.

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Kitchen Makeovers on a Budget

As a homeowner, your kitchen is not just an area where food is prepared and cooked. It is the heart of your home and a haven for all your dining aesthetics. The kitchen makes up a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy lifestyle comes with a healthy mind, and a healthy mind means ultimate success. For that reason, making sure that your kitchen is in its best shape that suits your lifestyle is essential.


Kitchen remodeling can be an intimidating task, especially when you’re on a tight budget. You may have a few ideas about the design but aren’t sure how to apply it with a limited budget. The great news? You don’t need to spend a lot and having Kitchener renovations on a budget is possible.

Kitchen makeover on a budget (infographic)

To help you get started, we’ve gathered kitchen renovation ideas to assist you in making your dream kitchen come to life.


There’s nothing that strict planning cannot help. When it comes to turning your kitchen’s antiquated design into a new one, making a budget plan can be a huge help. This will make your project run smoothly and help you avoid any mistakes throughout the process.

Kitchen renovations Toronto cost an arm and a leg if not well planned. Do you need to replace the sink completely? Does refreshing your existing cabinets completely change how your kitchen looks? Do you need to ditch the old ones and buy new appliances? Take a look at your kitchen and decide what needs to be fixed and what needs to bid goodbye. In this way, you can save money and spend it on another project.


You don’t need to entirely copy a kitchen design that you saw in a magazine. Typically, those include expensive craftsmanship and hard-to-find fixtures that will only blow your budget. Exhibit your inner creativity and showcase a little DIY-ing. It will help you innovate your kitchen that expresses your personality and, at the same time, aligns with your money.

Consider taking inspiration from your passion and interests. Squeeze your creative juices by listing your likes and applying them to your kitchen. Do you enjoy the ocean and beachside? Perhaps you can add some summer vibes to the kitchen by applying wave-like patterns, ocean blue backsplash, and aquamarine tiles. Loves camping? You can add a cozy vibe by having a wooden kitchen island, countertops, and chairs. There’s no stopping your creative ideas.


Home renovations in Toronto cost an arm and a leg. Note that an amazing design wouldn’t be much appreciated in the dark; that’s why proper lighting should be at the top of the list. Invest in bright and concentrated lighting fixtures that can illuminate the whole kitchen. It doesn’t need to be grand in comparison to other parts of the house. The important thing is that it adds sparkle to your worktops and cabinets.


Kitchen remodeling is not just about having the best design; it’s also about having the finest appliances. Purchase expensive and long-lasting appliances that will stand the test of time. It might be highly-priced at first, but it will surely be cost-effective in the long run as you don’t need to visit an appliance store frequently.

Indeed, kitchen remodeling costs not only a large amount of money but also your time. A time will come wherein it’ll be stressful to you rather than rewarding. An important factor to consider is deciding between DIY-ing and hiring professional help. Hiring a team of professionals doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but they will help you gather the things you need in no time and help you build your dream kitchen.

The Renovators of Canada has been providing quality renovations throughout the Southern Ontario area for over 15 years. Visit our website at for renovation and home remodeling needs.

The 2021 Bathroom Trends You Don’t Want to Miss [Infographic]

Half of 2021 already bid goodbye, and in 5 months, this year will come to an end. There’s no denying that a bathroom is an ideal space to begin a refreshed design; after all, it’s where all your self-care rituals take place. It should be a space of elegance, relaxation, and tranquility wherein you can spend alone time while sipping a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Creating your dream bathroom is a major upgrade for your home. It will be challenging but will surely improve the overall grandeur of your pad. If you want to fully revamp your bathroom space, or give it just a simple room update, check out and get inspired by this list of bathroom renovation design trends for 2021.

The 2021 Bathroom Trends You Don’t Want to Miss [Infographic]


Bid farewell to sconces because luxurious statement lighting is a must this year. Opt for pendants or even a grand chandelier. Outsized or not, all-out glamour is the best way to go. Don’t be afraid to settle on larger lighting; I assure you, it’ll make a huge difference in your bathroom remodeling Toronto.


Go for a nature-inspired bathroom look by adding florals and blooms to your space. Simple greenery can enliven any place as it evokes a natural sense of calm and harmony. You’ll be surprised how flowers, plants, and stones with the right Zen design can make your bathroom look like an awesome spa.


Minimalist lifestyle has been a top of the trend in previous years. This look pares down possessions to only the essentials and dismisses clutter. Keep your bathroom feeling open by using a sleek pedestal or wall-mounted sink rather than a bulky vanity and use reflective surfaces on floors at Brampton renovations.


Combining vintage pieces with a touch of modern innovation is becoming more popular. Mixing these two will create the early 1900s feels without sacrificing the aesthetic. Take on vintage wall art with contemporary shower, basins, and chairs for a more eclectic look.


Marble is definitely at its peak in the limelight. All modern bathrooms this year has at least a touch of marble in them.  This glamorous material includes markings and veinings, and you can never go wrong with it. This 2021, people are more adventurous by incorporating greens, blues, and yellows in their Scarborough renovation.


This trend mixes edgy black interior and glossy fixtures.  This moody palette with a similarly gothic direction keeps a modern look for your bathroom. With textured porcelain tiles and gold installations, your space will be truly impressive.

Transforming your bathroom space to a more impressive one is the key to a remarkable pad. As homeowners, we tend to visit our bathrooms at least twice a day, so it’s necessary to ensure that it delivers a refreshing atmosphere that suits our palette.

Renovating your bathroom shouldn’t be as hard as walking on a tightrope. But, as long as you have an amazing idea in mind, you can bring it to life if you rely on professionals that has the quality, skills, and confidence. With that, contact a trusted renovation company like the Renovators of Canada that values customer experience.

The Renovators of Canada has been providing quality renovations throughout the Southern Ontario area for over 15 years. Thinking of renovating your home? Visit our official website at and take advantage of our 10-year transferable warranty!


How Do You Style a Small Bathroom? [Infographic]

Bathroom renovations can also be challenging, especially if you are dealing with a small space. With a lack of square footage, a limited amount of natural light, and a small number of fixtures to squeeze into, homeowners can go for a look that will make the whole space seem bigger when decorating a small bathroom.

When small bathroom Vaughan renovations are done right, this limited space can seem brighter and more spacious, and you will not need to spend so much money. These small bathroom ideas can go beyond making the most out of the available space. Here are some ideas on how to turn your small bathroom into a less cramped space.

How Do You Style a Small Bathroom? [Infographic]

Stick to a Tight Palette

For a small bathroom renovation like Waterloo Renovations, you can opt to keep your color palette light and bright to give your bathroom a warm and serene feeling. You can also choose to double down on dark colors and hues like black to give depth and create an illusion of a larger space for your bathroom. You can go for a high gloss when choosing a very dark color that can impart a night sky effect and bounce the little light you have around your small space.

Mix different materials

As you decorate your small bathroom for Whitby Renovations, do not hesitate to integrate several modern elements like white marble and rustic wood foundations. You can give your small bathroom an eclectic look that can be ideal for a quaint and modest-sized bathroom that is lightened up by materials like white marble.

Only Keep Products You Love

Installing a narrow shelf over the sink helps you keep and store only the small essentials like skincare and beauty products. You must also make sure that you choose items with pretty packaging so that there would be no need to hide them out of sight.

Use Your Toilet as a Surface

You can also use your toilet as an extra surface for propping up bathroom accessories. To keep it from being cluttered, you can also allow vibrantly hued walls to stay clear in the spotlight of your small bathroom.

Opt for a Glass Shower Door

If you are starting to decorate a small bathroom from scratch, you can also choose and consider scrapping a shower curtain entirely. You can opt to install glass shower doors in a small bathroom to help open up space.

Consider Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned floor tiles such as a herringbone wood floor can give the illusion of a larger and warmer bath. With tall mirrored cabinets and a glass shower door, it can amplify light from interior fixtures and brighten up a space for windowless and small bathrooms.

Install Good Lighting

While the apparent highlight of a bathroom can be the fun use of tile and color, small bathroom designs should also maximize functionality through vital details like installing good light fixtures that can add contrast and flood the room with light.

Use a Big Mirror

Colossal and huge wall mirrors can surely help create an illusion of spaciousness. When paired with a consistent color scheme, oversized wall mirrors can help open up the limited space of a small bathroom and give an airy vibe.

If you’re planning any bathroom renovations then feel free to visit TROCanada Renovations or contact us.


A Complete Guide: Basement Renovations [Infographics]

Are you dreaming of extra space for your homes? Maybe you want an entertainment room, an extra bedroom or a gym? Or perhaps you just need additional space for more storage? Either way, there is an answer to your need for extra space– basements.

Basements are mainly an extra space above the ground floor of a house or a building. Back in the olden days, the basement’s original purpose is to serve as just an extra storage space, primarily for water, wine, and food. But as time passed on, the purpose of basements have drastically evolved.

Now, if you have an unfinished basement, you may be thinking about how much work you have to pour into it. But fret not, as this article will walk you through the things you need to focus on in renovating your basement.


Built-in lighting is one of the first things you must consider for a basement renovation. You may add floor or table lamps for decoration and more aesthetic if you want. Still, recessed lighting is the most ideal for basements, especially for lower ceilings, as it can provide enough light to highlight artwork or the illusion of a much bigger space.

This kind of lighting could be a great help in adding light. However, you must remember that improper usage of this light fixture can cause you problems more than solutions. If misused, recessed lights will tend to waste electricity.

Apart from installing light fixtures, you may also incorporate natural light to pass through your basement by adding windows. For basements, the most suitable is the egress type of window. Not only will it help in letting natural light in, but also, it can serve as an emergency exit as well.


The main goal of insulation is to help control the temperature of the room and to keep it warm. Hence it can provide tremendous aid in reducing your energy consumption. It is known that good insulation allows a 40% decrease in the cost of heating and cooling of your home. Another good thing about insulations is that you don’t have to worry about where you should place them. They can be added insulation on your interior or exterior walls, or maybe both interior and exterior if you want to.

Spray foam is one of the most recommended insulation for basements, as this is the most effective. However, spray foams can be quite expensive than the others. But if you are planning to spend more of your time in your basement, spending a bit more money will surely be worth it.


If you do not want to experience the hassle of water damage, do not dare skip this step. Water damage will somehow become inevitable as time passes by; this is the reason why you must ensure that the plumbing of your basement can help you lower down the potential of water damage.

This step is extra essential, especially if you plan to turn your basement into a bedroom with a bathroom, a working kitchen, or a laundry room. Plumbing works for basements can be more complex than usual and probably cost you extra time and money, but this part is a must and not optional.


A hardwood flooring seems promising, isn’t it? It is, but not for this space. Basements are located on the lowermost area of your homes, which means that this is the first place that will be flooded in a possibility of flooding. Carpets can also be an option, but a subfloor for warmth or an engineered flooring are two options that are more highly recommended. This type of flooring would not only bring warmth but also, they can survive more in damp or humid conditions.

The last and most important thing you must remember in renovating your basement is do not be afraid to get creative. Whether you will use it as an extra bedroom, laundry area, entertainment room, or whatever you like, just be creative. Throw your inhibitions and start renovating it the way you want to.

And if you want to seek help in achieving that functional yet pleasant basement renovation and basement finish, TRO Canada can do that for you. You can check our works through our website at


A Complete Guide: Basement Renovations [Infographics]

What Can You Do with a Small Basement?

A basement is another part of the house that can be tricky to remodel, especially if you ask how to finish a basement. For one, the average basement remodels cost can reach $6,500 to $18,000 or more.

Having a finished basement can also add value to a home, aside from the fact that it is also great for entertaining guests. If you are looking for some  inspiration, here are some small basement ideas that you can do to kick start your home renovators improvement project.

A basement living room

The point of basement remodeling is to add extra space that the whole family can enjoy. It is the perfect opportunity to plan for a space where you and your family can relax. Children can play and watch movies and television in the basement, while adults can socialize in the more formal living room upstairs.

Turn your basement into additional bedroom space

Another idea for your basement remodeling is to create a bedroom space that can give someone the privacy and comfort needed for a good night’s sleep. If you are eyeing a spare sleeping area but there’s not enough space, one of the basement bedroom ideas you can opt for is an alcove with a built-in bed and shelves. This option can save you space for other remodeling plans, such as basement bathroom remodeling.

Functional workspace

            Transform your basement into a home office to be productive and get work done. Some additional features that you can add to your home office are bookshelves, especially if you have always dreamed of having a home library. You can also create multipurpose storage to save on valuable basement space.

Fitness room

            If you are a fitness buff, you can also turn your basement into a gym where you can comfortably accomplish your fitness goals.


            Convert your basement space into a second mini kitchen where you can entertain guests or perhaps rent the entire unit out to tenants.

Home Theater

You could also enjoy a theater experience in the comfort of your home. As basements often do not have windows, the dark space makes it ideal for a movie theater vibe. If you are planning to add a home theater in your basement, you could raise the floor to add rows of recliners and invest in a projector and screen.

Basement Ceiling Ideas

For your basement ceiling ideas, going for drop ceilings is the way to go as they help keep your space at a comfortable temperature. Drop ceilings are also easy to install and are an ideal option for soundproofing the room. They can also hide plumbing pipes and wires, especially if you plan to build a spare bathroom or home theater in your basement. You can also visit Whitby Renovations for more ideas.

What Can You Do with a Small Basement?[Infographic]

Home Renovations Loan: Things You Must Know

Home renovations can be an excellent investment as they can help improve your quality of life. They also increase your home’s resale value and net worth in the long run. However, home renovations can get expensive, where the price can reach tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The home renovations budget needs to be considered, and there are times that the expenses for home renovation and improvement do not fit the budget. Home renovation loans can help you borrow the cash you need for a price, while you can also determine how much is the home renovations tax credit is available.

There are types of home improvement loans, as borrowing money or getting government grants for home renovations can have several financing methods that you can take out as a loan.

  • Personal Loan

Personal loans are the most common type of home improvement loans. From traditional to online lenders, it is easy to check that their terms are favourable to you. A personal loan is one type of unsecured debt not tied to any collateral.

  • Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan is a type of secured loan wherein you have your house as collateral for the loan. It means that a lender can legally take your home away from you if you default on your loan. A Home Equity Loan can give you money all at once for a fixed interest rate loan.

  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a mix of a Home Equity Loan and a credit line wherein borrowers have access to a limited amount of funds on an as-needed basis. It means that you are not paying to borrow money that is not yet needed, which is suitable for a long-term home improvement project.

Besides the types of home renovation loans, there is also a list of things you must know about applying for a home renovation loan:

  • Deciding the loan amount

A homeowner needs to calculate the loan amount they need for their home improvement project. It is also essential to make a list of the things required for your home renovations to determine the total budget. The next step is determining how much of your savings can fund the renovation. And how much is required to take as a loan.

  • Eligibility Criteria

Once the loan amount is decided, the eligibility criteria are the primary factor to consider when applying for a home renovation loan. Lenders have various parameters for the eligibility criteria, aside from the essential criteria that include age, income, and residence. Homeowners should inquire with lending organizations to understand the eligibility requirements and determine whether they fit the requirements. Additionally, an online personal loan eligibility calculator can also help a homeowner understand the loan amount they eligible for.

  • Choosing the best home renovation loan for you

For mid-range sized home improvement projects that could cost $15,000 to $50,000, a homeowner can consider unsecured or home improvement loans that are easy to apply for with no collateral requirements. However, interest rates can cost more than Home Equity Loans or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

  • Exploring different loan rates

Before settling on a particular loan rate, it is helpful for homeowners to do some research to compare the interest rates of available lenders. Regardless of the type of loan a homeowner chooses, it is also essential to know that the final interest rate can depend on many factors, including credit history and repayment capacity.

  • Repayment tenure and EMI of the loan

It is also crucial to note the repayment tenure and carefully plan out how to pay the home renovation loan. It is recommended to use an online personal EMI calculator to understand monthly instalments, interest rates, and tenure.

Home Renovations Loan: Things You Must Know[Infographic]

Make Your Custom Homes and Renovations Ideas a Reality

Are you looking forward to turning your dream home into a reality? Having custom-built homes with the help of a reliable and trusted home renovation contractor can be an option that you can consider. Planning home renovations can be a tricky improvement project to do alone, so all the help you can get counts when making your dream lifestyle custom homes into a reality. Having home renovation ideas can also help you out as a homeowner in planning your ideal custom-built home, such as custom homes in Toronto.

What are custom-built homes?

A custom-built home is a house that a hired architect explicitly designed for your preferences. A custom home is built based on your specifications rather than a predesigned plan without a homeowner’s involvement in the process. With the help of home renovation companies, the entire process of planning and building your dream home will be focused on your visions, your wants, and your available budget. The homeowner is more hands-on in the decisions when it comes to the process of building their custom home.

Renovation Ideas for your custom-built home

If you’re looking for some renovation ideas for your custom-built home, having a home renovation guide can help you out in your planning process. Every detail should fit well to your preferences and taste, all while being both fun and functional.

Here are some renovation ideas that you can consider for your custom-built home.

  • Green options

Sustainable and environmentally-friendly options are becoming more present in households nowadays as part of the fight against the environmental problems that we currently face. The responsibility of living sustainably as possible lies in us, and here some ways that your home can contribute to becoming eco-friendly.

  1. Solar Energy

Having a renewable energy source for your home can help reduce electricity bills. It is the best option to consider for the long term if you live in a climate with few rainy days.

  1. Eco-friendly Light Fixtures

You can also consider having light fixtures made from recycled and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or iron.

  1. Green Appliances

Opting for appliances that have reduced energy consumption also help you save water and electricity.

  • Maximizing Floor Space

There are also some tips that you can apply to make the most out of your home space. These tips on maximizing the home space you have can help you eliminate junk drawers or closets in any room of your home.

  1. Secret Doors

Adding a secret door in your household can help you eliminate wasted space, and it can even give you more privacy.

  1. Collapsible or Sliding Furniture

If you do not have a lot of home space, you can opt for collapsible furniture that transforms into something else. This furniture option can be a handy addition to a guest room or home office.

  1. Built-in storage

There are also available furniture options with built-in storage, such as couches, benches, and tables. This hidden storage can help you save more space and lessen clutter in your home.

  • Fun and functional additions for your home

Having simple additions that are fun and functional at the same time can change the entire vibe of your home. While it is essential to prioritize your home’s function, you can also opt to add fun touches that make your home a relaxing space.

  1. Reading nook

If you’re an avid reader, you can add a reading nook with cushions, pillows, lamps, and natural light sources to make your reading experience at home more relaxing and cozy.

  1. Sunroom

You can freely bask in the sunlight without worrying about bugs and the heat of the outdoors with a sunroom that can be a breakfast room or a garden room.

  1. Skylight

A skylight that can offer free lighting also helps free up your home space, making it more light and open.

Make Your Custom Homes and Renovations Ideas a Reality (infographic)

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