Shake Things up in the Kitchen!

Lifestyle Change Needed! Renovating your kitchen will add ease to your lifestyle and value to your home. These next points will help you make the correct decisions for your kitchen renovation! So get excited and get inspired! Quality is the Answer Always choose top-quality drawers and hinges, otherwise your cabinet doors may not close properly

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DIY: Planning on Creating a Plan

Measure Twice, Cut Once DIY projects have become incredibly popular in recent years. Although there are many home buyers attempting to save money by performing DIY projects, they are often failing to successfully accomplish these projects. It is crucial that every DIY’er has a set plan before they begin their DIY project. As I was

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Turn Your Home Into A Paradise

Make your Summer Cinematic Summer is on its way, and you may be wondering if you are actually going to use your backyard this year. Maybe you and your family feel that there is no reason to spend time in your backyard, because there is nothing to do in your backyard. Well, I have the perfect

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Organizing your Closet

In the quest of making your home the best possible place to live in, there are many factors to consider. Of course there is the exterior landscaping aspect where the sky is the limit and there is the interior factor where the sky is also the limit. In your home there are many key factors

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Profit Magazine Update

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The Renovators of Canada was ranked #196 on Profit magazine

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Bathroom Lighting


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