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7 Home Improvement Projects to Never DIY

As a homeowner, you have no shortage of responsibility. Many maintenance tasks must be completed to keep your home functional and in excellent condition. To help you save some costs, you may consider completing many of these home improvement projects on your own. While there are some benefits to tackling these projects by yourself, sometimes

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Home Addition

6 Reasons to Add On to Your Home

 You may love your home and all that it has to offer but there is always room for improvement. By adding on to your home, you can improve your life in many ways. No matter if you are simply considering adding on a single room to your house or an entire floor, here are six

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Home Design Trends for 2020

When in doubt, neutrals are almost always the best way to go. There’s nothing simple about neutrals. White is not simply white. Rather, white comes in a multitude of different shades. For example, white paint can be ivory, or it can have blue, peach or brown undertones.  There are two key categories you can choose

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How to Declutter Your Home Before The Holidays

The space inside your Toronto home or condo is a precious commodity. It’s common for people to look for more space in their homes because they usually find themselves in a cluttered place. There are many options available when it comes to freeing up more space – all it takes is an imaginative mind, creativity,

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Modern basement design

6 Simple Ways to Customize Your Basement

Renovating the basement in your Toronto home is like many other home remodeling projects: overwhelming, yet exciting. When it comes to this area of your home, the opportunities are endless. There are many ways you can customize and design this space so it meets your family’s needs, increases your home’s value, adds cosmetic appeal, and

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Kitchen Renovation Final

How to Set a Budget for Your Kitchen Renovation

Creating a kitchen of your dreams may seem impossible. The kitchen is the gathering place of the home and where your family spends a significant amount of time throughout the day. You deserve this space to be beautiful, functional, and perfect. However, a kitchen renovation can be daunting and quite expensive. In Canada, the average

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Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom? 8 Ways to Make it Look Larger

A large spacious bathroom is a dream of many homeowners. It is not only appealing and welcoming, but the extra space provides for ample storage and convenience. Unfortunately, not every home offers this bright, open room. Several homes in the Toronto area feature much smaller, cramped living spaces.    This doesn’t mean you can’t have

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Renovation Design

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Designer for Your Next Renovation

Renovations can take a painfully long time to complete. If you haven’t thought of it already, hiring an interior designer just might be the best decision for you. As a homeowner, you invest enough money as it is into your house. When planning a huge renovation, you should hire a designer that understands your design

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T-ROC Now Has 21 Renovation Locations

T-ROC Now Has 21 Renovation Locations

The Renovators of Canada (T-ROC) are known for providing the best quality renovations to southern Ontario residents. Over the past 15 years, T-ROC has proven time and time again that they are the go-to renovations company that specializes in basements, bathrooms, home additions, and kitchens. The Renovators of Canada’s 21 locations across Ontario offer residential

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6 Tips to Help You Stay Within a Budget During a Home Renovation

You deserve the home of your dreams and a home renovation is an excellent way to achieve it. The process is exciting and it is fun to see your creative ideas and your living spaces come together. However, a home renovation in Hamilton, particularly if you are not prepared, can be costly. You want to

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