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Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

As we continue to spend more time at home, many homeowners have been looking for renovation ideas and inspiration for their home improvement projects. Some are searching for bathroom renovation ideas and inspiration that they can refer to when designing their bathroom spaces. The rising trend for bathroom design is scaled-down and minimalist in style, highlighting warm and earth tones.

Ideas for Bathroom Renovation[Infographic]

Here are some ideas homeowners can consider for their bathroom remodeling, whether they are opting for a complete overhaul makeover or updating a few aspects

Curbless showers

A curbless or barrier-free entrance to a shower may be around for quite a while now. However, this bathroom design is becoming more popular than ever. This setup enables you to run tile through the entire bathroom. It creates a seamless look that also makes a space look larger.

In addition, you can also opt to use the shower enclosure as a natural demarcation line to switch up the flooring material.

Zellige Tile for Bathrooms

Besides being increasingly popular for kitchen backsplashes, zellige tile also shows up in bathrooms. Zellige tiles in varying shades help create a pleasing wall and a unique look for your bathroom.

Creative Storage Solutions

Another idea for bathroom renovation Toronto is getting creative with storage space. The desire for better-functioning spaces led many people to think twice about existing layouts in their homes, as access to storage becomes a key motivator to this change.

Get rid of messy vanity and bathroom countertops full of clutter with some creatively hidden drawers and storage that also help you save bathroom space for your home. You can also opt to include linen closets within the primary bath as a multi-purpose storage solution for your bathroom.

Pullout Bathroom Storage

With pullout storage units, you can boost the organizing potential of open cabinet space. Opt for a multi-drawer solution that allows you to divide items by size or purpose. Mesh bins provide a peek inside the contents so you can easily see your bathroom supplies and know when you’re running low.

Dark Statement Walls

A dark feature helps in adding a mysterious and intimate effect to your bathroom. You can opt to paint or tile one wall with black or any deep shade of your favorite color.

Updated sinks and touchless faucets

Recently, faucets have been a popular bathroom upgrade as there has been an increased focus on the significance of washing hands over the past year.

Updating bathroom sinks and touchless faucets are some recent upgrades homeowners have considered to make their spaces more inviting and stylish while increasing function.

Improved Vanity

Many homeowners are also updating light fixtures for a brighter bathroom. In terms of bathroom lighting, another popular choice for bathrooms is a self-lit vanity mirror for brightening bathrooms and a clear trend leaning toward the switch to sustainable LED lighting.

Integrated Technology

The rising popularity of smart toilets and touchless faucets are some examples of integrated technology in bathrooms. Technology continues to be integrated into bathroom designs to ensure comfort and efficiency. Besides this, technology is also integrated through digital, wall-mounted interfaces and tech-savvy controls for showers in bathroom design.

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