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T-ROC Now Has 21 Renovation Locations

The Renovators of Canada (T-ROC) are known for providing the best quality renovations to southern Ontario residents. Over the past 15 years, T-ROC has proven time and time again that they are the go-to renovations company that specializes in basements, bathrooms, home additions, and kitchens. The Renovators of Canada’s 21 locations across Ontario offer residential and commercial renovations with big plans to one day operate nationwide.

T-ROC is a Baeumler approved contractor, meaning they are a fully licensed and insured company in order to bring your renovation visions to life. This includes WSIB, and memberships with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Better Business Bureau, TrustedPros and more. 

Ranging from Toronto to London and everywhere in between, The Renovators of Canada know how much community can affect business. This is why they are proud supporters of Habitat for Humanity, and continuously sponsor other local clubs and sports teams. 

Your dream home is within reach with the home renovation experts at T-ROC. Their skilled team of home renovation experts works with you on any renovation idea you may have. The Renovators of Canada include a free planning session to set the stage for what your plans are, as well as any ideas your home renovation professional has in mind.

How T-ROC Does It

The Renovators of Canada has been a leader in home renovation for over a decade. How they’ve managed to stay at the top for this long is because they provide exceptional service and get the job done right so you don’t have to do it again later. 

The unique quality that makes T-ROC stand out from its competitors is the 10 year home renovation warranty protection. This warranty on all the craftsmanship that they do will allow you to rest easier knowing that the space you’ve had renovated was in good hands. Property owners in Missasauga deciding whether or not to pursue The Renovators of Canada will see this as a guarantee for excellent renovations for any personal or commercial space.

The T-ROC Solution is another promise to you that their contract system that ensures you are in control of your budget. Their specialized client software is there to provide you with daily updates on the renovation, pictures of the progress, and has access to your job schedule in order to best plan around your calendar. The Renovators of Canada take pride in their communication skills that are needed through the renovation process.

Their Home Renovation Services

Basements in Markam:

The basement of any home can be a forgotten-about project that has so much room for potential. The Renovators of Canada want to change that. Their Markam, Ontario location specializes in basement renovations as Markam continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in Canada. T-ROC’s home renovation experts will be open about budgeting and pricing options available so you can finally have the basement that you’ve been dreaming of. 

The possibilities are endless with T-ROC. They’ve completed a number of basements over their 20 years of expert service. From home theatres to fully functioning apartments, playrooms to home offices, The Renovators of Canada know how to design a room around your needs. Their in-home consultation will give your renovation professional an opportunity to go over your wants and needs. They will improve your living space, increase the value of your home, and provide you with another source of income if you choose to rent out the area. 

For any future plans of selling your home, a finished basement is a financial investment. You will easily be able to make your money back by having a livable basement area. This gives buyers looking to buy a home an opportunity to rent out the basement or at the very least, not have to renovate it themselves. 

Bathrooms in Brampton:

Upgrading a bathroom tends to be one of the first steps before a complete home renovation. With The Renovators of Canada, bathroom renovations for your Brampton home can be done easier than ever before. T-ROC can help you overcome any difficulties during the planning process. With so many styles and layouts to choose from, their experts can help you narrow down your search.

Going into a remodel with pictures of bathrooms that you like can determine what design style you prefer. Figuring out the fixtures, tiles, and finishes is half of the battle. By knowing these design elements, your home renovation expert can estimate the total cost and create a budget that works for you.

Although bathrooms are usually smaller rooms in your home, upgrading them can be a challenge. It takes a lot of patience to envision your finished bathroom. Working with The Renovators of Canada, you’ll get an understanding of how much money you’re going to spend, the process of the renovation and the timeline to completion. 

Home Additions in Hamilton:

Home additions are a huge renovation task to take on. Having a home renovation expert from The Renovators of Canada complete your home addition will save you from any additional stress when upgrading your Hamilton home. The reason most people need a home addition is for much-needed, additional living space. To do this takes a ton of planning to ensure everything is correctly finished properly the first time. T-ROC will help with all the planning, design aspects, budgeting, and project management that is heavily involved.

Like any of T-ROC’s renovations, they will keep daily logs and upload photos on the construction process. From adding a small room to an entire second floor, their detailed home addition process will allow you to know if the renovation is going as planned.

An architect is very important when doing a home addition. The Renovators of Canada’s personal architect will work together with you to ensure your needs are met and the home addition blends well with your home’s current style.

Kitchens in Kitchener:

The kitchen is the most important room in your home. At your Kitchener home, you spend most of your time there with friends and family. It’s only natural you’d want to best upgrades imaginable for a brand new kitchen. Most people renovating their kitchens tend to gravitate towards an open concept. This is the most common renovation that The Renovators of Canada accomplish. By doing this, it opens up the surrounding area to appear as though it’s larger than usual.

With how much technology has changed, today’s kitchen renovations must accommodate our new lifestyles. New electrical and plumbing systems are more efficient than they used to be, appliances have become more technology-driven and lighting has improved greatly.

Kitchen renovations are pricy to complete, but the finished product is always beautiful. Natural stone countertops, islands, and stainless-steel appliances are more accessible than ever. They have decreased in price, are more practical and are timeless finishes that will never go out of style. Your kitchen now more than ever has transformed into its own living space. A complete renovation from the experts at T-ROC will be all you need to make your fantasy a reality.

When you choose The Renovators of Canada, you’re choosing quality craftsmanship for every room in your home. With their 21 locations from all across southern Ontario, they can assist you directly with any home renovation job.  Their renovation experts will work directly with you on planning, budgeting, and your needs for any project. Call T-ROC today to schedule a consultation with one of their home renovation professionals to upgrade any room in your home.

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