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Getting Familiar with the Parts of Your House or Home

Let’s admit it. Most homeowners do not have any concrete idea about the parts of their house. To be honest, it isn’t a bad thing. After all, making houses is not everyone’s specialty. However, it can be a bad thing if you are going to ask somebody to do renovations in your home or build a house.

Why is that? First, you will have a difficult time communicating with the contractor that you will hire. Second, you might provide the wrong idea to the contractor, and it might lead results you don’t want. Third, malicious contractors that take advantage of unknowledgeable customers might fool you.

Of course, learning the parts of your home is not essential for adults alone. Kids and teens should get familiarized with them, too. After all, they will be homeowners themselves in the future.

Anyway, so what are the parts of a house?


This is the piece of land where your house will be built on. Of course, most people will be already familiar with it.

Flat Work

This is the part of the lot where concrete has already been applied. It can be a pathway, road, deck, driveway, patio, or your house’s floor.


This is the section of your house where your house and ground meet. Primarily, the footing support your house and allows it to “stand.”


The foundation is the combination of walls and pillars that will support your house and flooring. It is often rooted down to the ground. Modern houses use concrete foundation for greater structure support. Wood can be also used. In some cases, some houses do not have foundations. However, different construction methods and materials are needed to create a house without a foundation.


Of course, you will be familiar with the floor. A floor can be made of wood, concrete, or a combination of both. In residential houses, wooden flooring is common. In commercial structures and buildings with multiple floors, concrete is the standard floor material.


Walls are essentially dividers. It divides the interior of your house and your property outside. And of course, it also divide your rooms as well. Aside from dividing rooms, walls also act as support for the roof or another floor.


And then you have your roof that goes on top of your house. Your house’s walls, foundation, and floor support your roof. Due to that, the materials that you can use for your roof depends on how sturdy and the materials used in your walls, foundation, and floor.


This includes the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing connections within your home. It also includes heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. In more modern homes, security, entertainment, and communication systems are included here.

Equipment and Fixtures

All the appliances and fixtures in your home are under this section.

Outdoor Elements

As it name implies, all things that are not included on the previous parts and are outside are in this category.

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