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Always Ask or Confirm These Things With Your Contractor

It is a good practice to make sure you and your contractor are on good terms and you both understand exactly what you want to come out of the project. So it is almost vital these questions are asked.

What is our Schedule and who will be working here?

A schedule isn’t only something that says what the start and end date will be, it tends to outline certain tasks and the timing which can help show you the over all picture of what is happening. It will also show deadlines so you can be aware of any delays or if you are slipping back a day or two so you can adjust accordingly. Never start a project without knowing at what time workers will be at the project site as well as being aware of who is doing the construction and who is in charge of locking up and keeping the area secure.

How can you ensure my property is taken care of?

It’s important to ask this question before any demolition happens as you don’t want to come back to see everything broken down and all your personal belongings shaken off the walls and shelves. As well as the entire area being covered in dust which can be very difficult to remove off of certain objects. Also if you are aware there will be a lot of hammering its important to remove any drapes or objects on the wall as they can easily fall of and get damaged.

(Probably the biggest one) How will we communicate and discuss the project?

It is very important that you stay updated on the project as well as are able to communicate with your contractor at any hour of the day if there are issues or something important that needs fixing. Also if there is something concerning you that it gets resolved and you aren’t kept in the dark. It is also important that you can be reached at any point in the day if there is a decision or something the contractors need you to decide on before they can continue as this can prevent falling behind in the plan.

What kind of documentation will I receive once the project is done?

Contracts frequently call out end-of-project paperwork — lien releases, marked-up plans with as-builts on plumbing and other utilities, copies of inspection reports, etc. But there may be additional items you will find valuable: a full set of mechanical photos before insulation is installed, the operating manuals for installed equipment (and a personal lesson in their operation if you don’t know the basics), a list of subcontractors and contact info, care for things such as countertops and tile and a well-marked electrical panel. Confirming that you will receive these things before you get started will help ensure that you finish the project with all the information you need.

If these questions are asked you are almost bound to guarantee a project that comes out the way you expected it to as well as one that you agreed to and not a  project you have no idea the outcome of.

Posted by : Vithusan Jeyabalasingam

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